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Where are the big fish?

European waters were once brimming with big fish. Huge changes have taken place, and today’s fish are much smaller than only two or three generations ago.

Getting closer to fusion power

Fusion power is one step closer to becoming a reality now that a new phase of construction has begun at the site of ITER, the world’s largest experimental fusion reactor. Twenty five years after the first talks of an international fusion energy project, the new works at the site in the south of France mark the beginning of preparations for the tokamak, the core part of the reactor.  Sabina Griffith at ITER told the Euroscientist that after waiting for a year for this construction to start, it has had a great effect on the staff on site.  “We can finally see ITER taking shape,” she said

Open Access Week 2010

A decade of Cluster

The pioneering space mission Cluster celebrates 10 years of discovery with a workshop held  on the island of Corfu in Greece. The meeting brought together over 170 scientists from across the world.

Mini Tweets

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